Lets-connect offers a simple Business WiFi Solution with integrated social media user profiling.

We provide WiFi for your business if you operate in:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Any other customer facing business

Lets-connect offers a simple WiFi connection option for your customers and powerful WiFi analytics for your business… You can then use the system to re-engage with your customers and advertise your newest offers!

Let’s get into details:

Let’s start with a few questions…


  • Does your current business WiFi provider integrate with 3rd party marketing software such as Mailchimp?


Social Media Login

  • Is it possible for your customers to log in quickly and securely via social media?


Trip Advisor Integration

  • What is your current provider of wifi for your business doing to increase your TripAdvisor rating and SEO (google rank)?


Pop up banners

  • Are you able to advertise current offers directly on your customer’s devices?


At Lets-connect we provide all these services at no extra cost!


1. Login with Social Media

2. Wait until it connects 3-5s

3. Advertise your business

SIMPLE and secure login portal recognises your customers when they come back


Your experience as a business owner

You, as a business, have access to a beautiful dashboard with powerful features helping your business to understand your customer trends.

It means that you know how many people use your business' wifi and you can filter customer data according to specified criteria (for example daily or for the last 7 days).

We can help you identify which customers are NEW and those who are your LOYAL patrons, and motivate the former to make the transition in the FUTURE!

Connect via Email or Newsletter

Every wifi login updates your database of customers who can be contacted and invited to upcoming events, informed about your new menu, or notified about your latest special offer!


Connect via Social Media


We give you a simple way to learn which social media platform your customers prefer.


Your business gets a powerful tool to re-connect with those customers.

    Learn about your customer, you get access to your customers social profiles so you can easily re-connect with them on a more personal level
  • Engage with your customer, as you know what are your customers’ preferences you can better target your social media campaigns
  • Promote and get promoted, using social accounts connected with your customer you get bigger visibility
  • Sell more now and after

Connect on the Trip Advisor


Exclusive integration with Trip Advisor means we can help you increase the number of people who rate you!


Your customers receive an email from TripAdvisor just 48 hours after visiting the venue; their memory of your fabulous menu or excellent service is still fresh, resulting in a higher rating!

More review on Trip Advisor means that your Google rating is higher saving money spent on expensive SEO.


Improved visibility on Google brings you more NEW customers!

Your customers log into your business' WiFi and we send them a Trip Advisor auto request

Reviews & Rating

48hrs after the visit our Integrated TripAdvisor service sends your customer a request to review and rate their experience in your venue.

  • More reviews and better ratings improve your Trip Advisor position and therefore your Google rank (SEO)
  • Real and verified numbers for your trip advisor submissions and reviews shown daily
  • No more missed opportunities for a good review simply because you forgot to ask!


Connect via pop-up banners tailored to all devices

Real-Time Messaging


This tool helps you deliver promotions of:

  • upcoming events
  • gift vouchers
  • new menu launches
  • loyalty schemes
  • social media likes
  • or pop banners other brands pay you for

Get paid for providing wifi by advertising sponsored banners


...or your own deals!!


INSTANT COMMUNICATION with your customers

PROMOTE special offers, events through Pop-up Banners

Special offers, Christmas packages in advance…

Discounts on their next visit…

Or just say “Thank you”

GET PROMOTED by your customers to their community

We encourage them to like your Facebook page,

Twitter, Instagram etc…

If you already provide your customers with WiFi service you can use our system as a software service.

If you are a business looking to provide WiFi for customers, we offer simple services that not only satisfy your customers but benefit your business as well.

What Our Clients Say

Thanks to the Lets connect team for their wifi solution, at last we have system where my customers are not chasing the staff looking for pass codes! The information from your online system now gives me the ability to contact my customers by means of a news letter and even better on a Monday night offering them a special so I can fill up the tables!
Robbie Fox
Robbie Fox
Bellucci's Restaurant
We installed the Lets Connect solution in our 3 venues and the system has been a huge success with our customers and my Marketing team. I never knew how much you could get out of Social media and having the power to connect with your customers in a digital way. Well done the Lets Connect team and I will highly recommend you to all my restaurant friends
Greg Browne
Greg Browne
De Bruns
I strive to give customers the best possible experience when they visit my restaurants and providing fast and easy to access to Wi-Fi plays a major part in that. lets-connect represents the best in class social WiFi and analytics, enabling my customers to get online in a just a few simple clicks with their social media accounts.
Dylan MaGrath
Dylan MaGrath
Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur


  1. Select service plan
  2. Customised survey
  3. Finalize contract
  4. Arrange installation

  • Social WiFi Hotspot
  • €39/month
  • Personalised Landing Pages
  • Social Login
  • Cloud Portal
  • Social Statistics
  • TripAdvisor Integration
  • Social Wi-Fi Hospitality & Retail
  • From €59/month
  • Social WiFi Hotspot plan plus:
  • Custom SSID
  • Phone and email support
  • Managed WiFi network
  • Injection messaging
  • Optional Monthly Reports
  • Custom Social WiFi Networks
  • lets-connect offers managed Wi-Fiservices for:
  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • airports
  • conference venues
  • retail outlets
  • events